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Top 5 Places to Reside in Lahore

Top 5 Places to Reside in Lahore

Lahore is arguably the most loved city of Pakistan, having access to all the modern luxuries of life which defines a complete standard of living for the families residing here. Although the overall outlook of the city is positive in terms of its controlled development, there are some residential areas which outshine others. Keeping this in mind, we have listed below the top 5 places to reside in Lahore:

  1. Defence Housing Authority

Defence Housing Society - Top 5 Places to Live in Lahore

 The clean air, selection of some of the most highly renowned brands in the world, just a couple of streets across your place, and a sense of security which engulfs you with satisfaction – that is Lahore DHA.

It can be conclusively argued that a family in DHA does not have to leave its vicinity to fulfill any needs because the best markets such as those in H-Block and Y-Block, educational institutes such as the Lahore University of Management Sciences, various branches of Lahore Grammar School, and a fresh lifestyle in the parks around DHA make it the best place to live in Lahore.

  1. Lahore Cantonment

 Following closely behind is the army treasure in Lahore known as the Cantonment where life is indeed quite exclusive of what’s happening outside the area and the security of belongings is never an issue. Home to landmarks of the city such as Fortress Stadium and Mall of Lahore, tourists look forward to being at this prime location in the city. However, most of the Cantonment is occupied by the army locals, so finding a spot there can be quite tough.

  1. Bahria Town

Bahria Town - Top 5 Places to Live in Lahore

 This town in Lahore has almost become an international obsession, with people returning to Pakistan making it the top place to invest in and reside. The one negative view which commonly revolves around Bahria town is the fact that it is much farther from the main city, but when it comes to conventional facilities such as schooling and the standard of living or not-so-conventional facilities such as no load-shedding, it is a chart topper.

  1. Model Town

Model Town - Top 5 Places to Live in Lahore

This housing scheme in Gulberg was constructed during the British rule, and to this day is considered as one of the best places to live in Lahore. Apart from the benefit that it is at the center of attractions in Gulberg and Faisal Town, possesses the constantly developing Link Road – it is also relatively much cheaper compared to DHA and Cantonment.

  1. Punjab Housing Society 

For less rent and housing prices, you get to live near Ghazi road and have the facilities of DHA very near you. This affordability makes Punjab Housing Society a sound residential area. However, the place is devoid of lush green parks and garden space. The trade-off you need to manage is between the budget and standard, where you can save a lot more on the latter.

What’s your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.


Hamza Aqeel

Hamza is currently pursuing computer science as a major at the Lahore University of Management Sciences, and is fond of public speaking, learning about politics, and writing.

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